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Hiking and cycling are some of the popular activities among our guests due to the quiet tracks and roads
through forests, fields of wildflowers and fragrant vineyards in the area.  You can choose to hike or walk along a
mixture of unpaved and paved roads, forest trails, open pasture land and streams.  Walking trails in our
neighborhood are distinctly marked with beautiful wooden plaques.

One of the popular trails is the Trail to
the Santuaria della Verna:

By following the Franciscan
Trail, you can explore picturesque hill
towns, cathedrals, restaurants and
monastic retreats from La Verna to Assisi.

We also offer organized hiking tours
with our experienced local guides.
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Casa Cappellino Hiking
Casa Cappellino and St. Frances
Casa Cappellino and Chianti
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Market Days in Tuscany:  Here is just a selection of some local market
near Casa Cappellino. Going to markets is an excellent way to mingle with the
locals, practice your Italian, and experience our wonderful rural Italian lifestyle.
Follow this link to view the various market days in regions of Arezzo:

Market days for towns near our villa are as follows:
  • Pieve S. Stefano: Town centre - general market. 08:00-12:30 on
  • Anghiari: Town centre - general market. 08:00-12:30 on Wednesdays.
  • Sansepolcro: In the streets around the centre - food market. 08:00-13:
    00 on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Arezzo: General street market with over 100 stalls. Open in the morning
    on Saturdays.
  • Cortona: Locally grown fruits and vegetables. Open in the morning on
  • Monterchi: Town centre - general market. 08:00-13:00 on Sundays.
Walking, Hiking and Biking:
Caprese Michelangelo:  5 minutes from Casa
Cappellino is the birthplace of the great Renaissance
Michelangelo. Michelangelo was born in Caprese
on March 6, 1475 in the house shown here. His great
works were almost entirely in the service of the Catholic
Church, and include a huge statue of the Biblical hero
David in Florence, sculpted between 1501 and 1504,
and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy.
Sanctuary of La Verna: Less than a 30 minute drive
from Casa Cappellino is the famous Sanctuary of La
Verna (
Santuario della Verna) where San Francesco
d'Assisi (St. Francis of Assisi) lived in seclusion and
received the stigmata (marks of Christ's wounds) in
1224. Since then La Verna, beautifully situated amid
pine forests, has been a hallowed place and the
Franciscan friary is the goal of countless pilgrims.
Anghiari: Surrounded by castles and country churches, it looks out over
High Tiber Valley landscape, a natural amphitheatre filled with the spirituality
of St. Francis of Assisi.
Anghiari is a lovely medieval town lying between two
rivers, the Tiber and the Arno. The powerful thirteenth century walls made the
town an invincible fortress that constituted an important reference point and
kept the Tuscan flag flying during the many historical events. In 1440 the
famous Battle of Anghiari, which was subsequently painted by Leonardo da
Vinci in Florence, reaffirmed Florentine rule in Tuscany. Anghiari is well worth
visiting thanks to its active cultural life. There are exhibitions, festivals, a busy
theatre program and an active interest in the conservation and re-enactment
of historical and traditions all contributing to the cultural life of the town.
Lama:  Our "hometown" Lama is a picture-perfect small
friendly Italian village located a leisurely five-minute stroll
down the lane from Casa Cappellino.  In "town" you will
find our world-famous
Il Rifugio Ristorante that serves
authentic fabulous reasonably priced Tuscan Cuisine.  A
few meters away you will find our classic small market
that has fresh vegetables, fruit, bakery goods, and just
about any essential item you may need for your visit in
Tuscany.  We also have a small hairdresser and our
local coffee bar below
Il Rifugio.  Most importantly you
will find a village of wonderfully friendly neighbors during
your Tuscan vacation.
Sansepolcro:  The medieval walled town of Sansepolcro is the birthplace of painters
Raffaellino del Colle (1490-1566), Santi di Tito (1538-1603) and Piero della Francesca
(1412-1492).  It is also the birthplace of the Buitoni pasta empire. The small village, 30
minutes from Casa Cappellino, was founded around A.D. 1000.  A wonderful Olympic stye
public swimming pool can be enjoyed by all Casa Cappellino guests.  Piero della
Francesca’s paintings are so fascinating that his works have been preserved and known
as the Piero della Francesca Trail.  Please follow this link to read more on this vibrant
Arezzo:  Arezzo sits on a steep hill rising from the
floodplain of the Arno. In the upper part of the town
are the cathedral, the town hall and the Medici
Fortress (Fortezza Medicea), from which the main
streets branch off towards the lower part as far as
the gates.  This part of the town maintains its
medieval appearance despite the addition of later
structures. The award  winning movie ‘Life is
Beautiful’ was filmed at Piazza Grande in the town
center of Arezzo.  Arezzo holds a big antique market
on the first weekend of the month that draws
thousands of visitors.
Assisi:  In the rolling hills of Umbria, stands the exceptionally well-preserved medieval town of Assisi (see picture
below).  Known primarily as the birthplace of St. Francis (1182-1226 AD), the gentle saint founded the Franciscan
order and shares honors with St. Catherine of Siena as the patron saint of Italy.  Assisi is a World Heritage site for
its Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi (St. Francis).
Other Popular Activities: Visiting Vineyards and Attending Various Local Festivals:
Palio in Siena and Casa Cappellino
Casa Cappellino and Palio in Siena
Casa Cappellino and La Verna
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Our local public swimming pool
in Sansepolcro